Plaas 24 ,Groenfontein , Bronkhorstspruit , South Africa

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We are proud members of SABBS


We are SABBS registered boerboel breeders(0654122), hobbyist and boerboel fanatics!

As a family, we share the same interest of which boerboels are top of our list. We eat, sleep and breathe boerboels! When others cycle or climb mountains as a hobby, we breed and show boerboels with the same passion and enthusiasm.

We started off with only a few dogs and soon became obsessed with quality and functionality. Our boerboels can compete in agility, breeding and showing all together, whether you need a guard dog, show dog, working dog or simply wish for a companion, we can help! We offer assistance in selecting the perfect boerboel to suit your needs.

The name Volspoed (Full speed):

The name came from playing with our puppies. There was always a race one between the puppies when taking them for a walk. When running they run full speed chasing a ball and we started calling them “Volspoed Boerboele” (Full speed boerboels)