Once upon a time, long long ago, there was a young girl that dreamed of living on a farm. This girl grew up in the city and her dreams seemed far away. But after many prayers and changing situations, the girl grew into a lady who’s dreams came true. On a small farm in Heidelberg the girl imagined another dream and fulfilled it. This dream was to house as many dogs as possible and to improve a near perfect breed even more. 

This is how Meyer Boerboele started – a dream and some good luck. I have always had an immense love for animals, especially for dogs. Once my family and I moved to the farm, we decided to acquire two young Boerboel puppies. I fell even more in love with the Boerboel breed. I decided to start a registered breeding program with SABBS. Just as fate would have it, another well-known breeder decided to close his breeding kennel and seek greener pastures in another country. This lead to the amazing opportunity to acquire enough breeding Boerboels to start the program immediately. We were blessed to take over the breeding stock from Volspoed Boerboele from Willem Mienie. 

Meyer Boerboele believes in ethical breeding. We want to improve the Boerboel breed through careful selection and elimination of flaws through wonderful parings. Our dogs are all well cared for and receive a tremendous amount of attention and love. 

Thank you for taking the time to read our story and welcome to our website.