Afrika Blossom

Blossom is our gorgeous, friendly cuddle pup. She just oozes charm and everyone she meets falls in love with her. Not only is she a pleasant dog, but she has the looks to match. She is a beautiful fawn, huge paws, skin for ages and the kindest eyes. 

Afrika Holly

Holly’s gorgeous yellow eyes stare straight into your soul, or so it feels. Holly has a shy but pleasant nature. Once Holly warms up to you, she’s your best friend.

Afrika KD

KD holds a special place in our hearts. This was the first breeding pup we purchased and our children picked her name. Named KD after our kids Kenzy & Damian. KD is very playful and kind.

Kingston Freya

Freya started our breeder journey, together with Kadima Fantom Odin. We initially got Freya as a pet for our farm, but she made me fall even deeper in love with the Boerboel Breed. Freya is everything you want in the quintessential Boerboel. She has a pleasant temperament, she is the self-assigned guardian of our children and resident bed warmer. Freya sneaks into our bedrooms and will sleep on our beds all day if she can! 

Volspoed Alice

What an energetic girl! Alice has abundant energy and needs constant stimulation and a playmate to keep her happy. Alice is a very intelligent dog and loves jumping our high fences. 

Volspoed Ashanti

My playful girl. Ashanti loves playing and enjoys a game of fetch. Ashanti and her best bud Cercei constantly seek out love and attention. If no human is around, they run and jump and play together for hours on end. 
Volspoed BonnieBonnie is her father, Balboa’s, mirror image. She is a stocky and strong girl. I cannot wait to watch her grow into an even more magnificent female.

Volspoed Bubbles

Bubbles is our most unique female. There’s no confusing her with any other dog on our farm. She has a unique dark red coat. Bubbles gets along superbly with other dogs, but especially with her litter mates Bonnie and Buttercup.

Volspoed Buttercup

Buttercup is beautiful! She has a unique heart shaped pattern on her face and thus clearly distinguishable from other dogs. She loves her sisters and they can play for hours!

Volspoed Cercei

Oh Cercei steals many hearts that enter our camps. Cercei has a nearly white fawn coat with a minimal mask. She looks as if she is wearing the perfect eye liner and that makes the girls oh so jealous. Cercei is camp mates with Ashanti and they love playing together. She also never says no to a good scratch and cuddles.

Volspoed Mooi Mooi

Mooi Mooi is our perfect guard dog. She cautiously prowls around for any potential stranger on the farm and is sure to let us know straight away. Mooi Mooi is a fierce dominant female. She ensures that everyone knows who is the bitch in charge. We are very excited about what Mooi Mooi’s future holds, as she is yet to produce a litter.

Volspoed Patsy

Patsy joined our family when she was in the last week of her first pregnancy. She was ever so attention seeking and still is. Patsy loves attention and cuddles. Patsy reared a lovely litter and became a doting mother in the last few weeks. We are excited to see what Patsy’s breeding future holds.

Afrika Spooki